Woofclean Bag is the practical shoulder bag on which the owner of a dog can count! Maximum accessibility and functionality possible, both with hygienic bags and with mini water gun.

Instructions for use with urine:

  • Refill in water mix with Woofclean ecological sanitiser of Pine extract in the hydro-pistol. Capacity : 1 litre (add a maximum of 30 ml of WoofClean sanitiser to each litre of water).
  • Open the easy-open compartment to access the mini hydro-gun and pour over the animal’s waste.

Compartment for hygienic bags: In the upper part of the tank there is a space for the refill of the hygienic bags.

How to use:
Just after placing its ends in the guides, press the stick that supports the tube of the roll of hygienic bags towards the bottom. Once placed and centred, the roll will roll easily.

Grasp a small part of the first hygienic bag and stretch it. Pulling upwards will do the job of tearing each bag down to the last one.

It is advisable to use easy-grip, biodegradable hygienic bags.

It couldn’t be simpler!

Practical and resistant: choose Woofclean Bag
for the hygiene of your dog outside the home

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