Woofclean Bag is an accessory that offers the opportunity to improve hygiene activities related to our dogs. This tool will give you everything you need so you no longer have any kind of unexpected or uncomfortable situation when you travel with it on your shoulder, through your city or village. You will also avoid any kind of civil penalty for misconduct. Remember: in many European countries the negligence of owners in these terms is severely penalised by the authorities. Thousands of fines are already being reported year after year in European cities such as Seville, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Paris, London, Hamburg … for violating the laws relating to the ordinance on pets. This has some international scale: as explained on Environtmentlaw.org.uk, in the UK and Wales a fine of £1,000 (€1,130) can be imposed for the most neglected dog owners.

Attached is a list of news items issued by the media and official bodies over the last few years:


Practical and resistant: choose Woofclean Bag
for the hygiene of your dog outside the home

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